Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a friend in need is a friend indeed


Tonight I want to share my frustrated experience with my own best friends.
Well, you know that I went for my surgery few months ago (to be exact it was two months, one week and two days) and yes, it was quite a major surgery.
I was hoping at that time that they will come and visit me once, be it at hosp or at home.
Alas, I was so disappointed, frustrated and feel sad that they not even visit me till now. I was waiting for them every single day but it was just hopeless.
Not even a single phone call that i received from them and what makes it even worse that they all are my colleague and they stay not far from my home :(

what makes me feel even sad that knowing that i was in great pain after the surgery, they never once encourage me but they were all busy updating their fb status saying that they went there, eat nice food there, go travel there, go shopping there, go to other friend’s wedding and even upload the photo..:((

they make an effort to go to other friend’s wedding but they never make an effort to come to visit their friend who was in pain, who just underwent the major heart surgery, who was in deep sadness and worried thinking that will she be able to be normal once again, to be independent in her daily life again, to go to work again etc...........

Until now, it was still heavyhearted for me to forgive them because it hurts damn much if being hurt by the person that you treasure so much.

“Do you know the feeling, when your heart is so hurt, that you could feel the blood dripping?” 
― Lady Gaga

regards, xoXo :(

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