Friday, September 7, 2012

open heart surgery


I want to share my experience going for open heart surgery. Well, i was diagnose with Atrial Septal Defect (dalam bm nye ialah salah satu jenis jantung berlubang) few years back.. Initially, i was planned to go for percutaneous septal occluder which is much much more simple, however, the so called hole in my heart became bigger and my pulmonary pressure was high, therefore i'm not a suitable candidate for percutaneous procedure..At first, I was in denial state and i refused to go for open heart surgery as i was thinking that the surgery might be damn painful and it has so so much more risk; name it, anaes risk,surgery itself, post surgery complications..fuhhh~~

But, somehow atas desakan semua pihak, i finally agreed to go for the open heart surgery. So, my surgery scheduled on 2 July 2012 which was 2 months ago...

I was on the operation table for almost 2 hours (6 pm till 8 pm). I was under general anaes so i didn't realize anything during the operation. At 12 ++ am, i started to regain my consciousness but still not fully conscious..hmmm..and at 1.30 am, i was extubated, my ryles tube ( tiub masuk dari hidung sampai perut) was removed as that time i still in mamai mamai state..huhu..but tell you what, intubation, suction during intubation were damn painful and u feel something huge stucked inside your throat. Truthfully, everything was painful: the arterial line, the central venous line, the branula site, the bladder catheter, the drainage tube ( i had 3 drainage tube as big as chest tube over my chest and its really really painful when you moving or change position,so that my movement was very limited  ), the ribs & the median sternotomy scar itself..huuuu~

After 2 days in the cardiac care unit, i was allowed to go back to the ward. I stayed in the hosp for 6 days and discharged home after that. It was sooo bored to stay in the hosp for such a long time..

At home, i was advice to continue the exercise teach by the physiotherapist and continue doing the breathing exercise as to strengthen back my heart and my body..

And the pain over my chest slowly reduced as the time goes by (but still i tak berani tidur mengiring to the left side lagi, tak try lari pecut lagi dan tak cuba buat cpr lagi..huhu..hopefully i can perform those activities soon)..For now, after 2 months post op, alhamdulillah, i am much much better..

And now i feel really grateful that i did the op earlier.. I pray for my complete and speedy recovery..amin..

"Sesungguhnya setiap satu penyakit yang diciptakan, pasti ada penawarnya"

pardon for my poor english & grammar mistake..
regards, xoXO~

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